Ground Characters

Moving in and around crowds of any size. They are interactive, (although some are silent and use only gestures). Fantastic for openings, galas, festivals, and processions. Something for every occasion.

Stilt Walkers

Also moving in and around large crowds, but visible from a much greater distance. (Obviously not suitable for venues with low ceilings, and for safety reasons not ideal for events involving large crowds in confined surroundings or slippery surfaces). [see examples]

Human Monuments

Still for long periods of time, although they can if many situations cover a lot of ground throughout the course of the performance. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor (weather permitting, paint not running!). Human monuments provide a real sense of ornament as well as intrigue. [see examples]


Performances and activities to make your party just that little bit more special … Singing Telegrams, Face Painting and entertainers for children’s parties.

Please Note – the above descriptions are general overviews. Some acts may have specific requirements with regard to facilities and situation. Please – if you have any queries about what would be suitable for your event – ask our booking agent.