Not necessarily “roving” per se, but the performers do cycle to and from the performance spot, in character.

Doing Pennants is a light-hearted interactive piece of street theatre, involving two performers, a highly-modified bicycle, volunteers from the public, and recorded local ukulele backing music. The performance consists of a continuous Flag-making workshop, where passers-by are invited to supply the flag designs. These are cut out of coloured fabric, and sew-up immediately, on the unusual bicycle-powered sewing machine, with leg-power provided by the flag designer, (or their mum !) The overall theme of the flags is decided beforehand by the client, and the performers. The photographs displayed here depict three separate performance themes.

Once completed, the flags are normally displayed on a long line adjoining the performance. As the performance progresses, the number of flags continually increases. After several hours this makes for quite a spectacle. At the events’ completion, the flags are then photographed, and posted out to their respective designers. Alternatively, if requested by the hirer, the flags could be given out for immediate use.

Once set-up, the performance can continue, uninterrupted for up to 4 hours, if required. The mobile sewing machine is approx. 4 metres long by 1.2 metres wide. An additional area of approx. 4 metres x 4 metres, behind or alongside is required for the cutting-out of fabric. Two nearby fastening points, between 10 and 20 metres apart, to attach the display line, is desirable (power poles, trees etc are fine for this) The performance space needs to be out of the rain.