What’s on offer

What does your upcoming event need?

Whatever the occasion, Free Lunch will work closely with you to create a unique set of professional performances to enhance your event or function.

We will select costumes and characters to suit your theme. All of our costumes are unique, custom designs so if you have a particular idea in mind, we can organise something to suit.

If you want to add stunning visual imagery with greater audience entertainment and engagement to your next event, contact us today!

Roaming Characters

Moving in and around crowds of any size our roaming characters are interactive and fun.  An unexpected character mingling among the crowds instantly lightens the mood and gets people laughing.

We have a variety of performances to choose from, including silent acts that only use gestures, and will work with you to curate a selection to enhance your next event.

Stilt Walkers

Larger than life characters that bring stunning colour, energy and entertainment to any event. Our professional stilt walkers directly engage with the audience and are a crowd pleaser every time. Perfect for meet & greet roles or roaming at large scale events.

Stilt walkers are not suitable for venues with low ceilings, large confined crowds or slippery surfaces.

Human Statues

Human Statues are a favourite choice for all kinds of events from product launches and corporate functions to private parties or festivals.
Bespoke costumes combined with stunning makeup ensure every Human Statue offers their own unique style and are guaranteed to make your event stand out.
Contrary to expectation, Human Statues offer so much more than just coming to life to surprise guests. As well as providing ornament and intrigue, they also incorporate elements of mime, comedy and even extensive audience interaction.

Face Painters

Always popular with the kids, our friendly and talented face painters will delight the family with their colourful and clever designs.
Our Face Painters use only the highest quality, non-toxic paint and products which are designed to be safe on the skin.
Add extra colour and sparkle to your next event or party.

Static Acts

Static Acts are acts with at least two performers who remain in one area to perform.  They can be interactive, require audience participation or are something that people can sit and watch for a while.

Static Acts often use props for their shows and having a dedicated space or area for the performance will be required.

How much for all this?

Check out the rates for our single and group performers.  We offer a discount for events held within the Waikato Community.

“The crowd absolutely loved them”

“The Apologisers attended our Button Run & Pink Walk for Breast Cancer Research (held annually in October at the Hamilton Lake). They mixed and mingled and brought fun, humour and laughter to participants. This really added to the overall entertainment value of our event and we would love to have them back again!”

Jenni Scarlet

Waikato Breast Cancer Resarch Trust